Wednesday, August 27, 2003


In an effort to make sure I come up with at least 500 words of creative writing everyday, I'm trying to hunt down various writing exercises. They seem to be turning into attempts at short stories, but it's still fun to do something different, usually not associated with any of my WIPs, that also keeps the creative writing juices flowing. Justin over at Forward Motion posts a writing prompt daily. And that helps. To see all of them at once, though, you need to sign up for membership with the community. Stumbling around the Internet, I found this exercise from Teresa. The process of coming up with numbers and hunting down the corresponding items to include in your plot sounds like a block-breaking method in and of itself, but then I've always enjoyed solving equations and following recipes. Order to chaos, order to chaos. Fight entropy! (Hmmm, that would make a great slogan for something.)

I'm really hoping this process will make me less at the mercy of my whimsical and flighty subconscious that decides when and for how long I can write my WIPs. Now, on to the middle of Red Rocks.

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