Friday, August 08, 2003


I heard "Jump Around" by House of Pain this morning on my way into work and was immediately dragged back to a junior high dance. Minus the backstabbing bitches and guys who avoided me once they figured out I wasn't easy. And I also felt an unusual desire to hear "Baby Got Back", "The Humpty Hump", and "Hammertime". And a strange urge to cut myself some bangs, curl them up and hairspray the hell out of them so I gained five inches, and then peg my jeans. This bout of nostalgia might explain why, as I walked to my desk and realized that some idiot had turned on the heat, I started singing "The Heat is On". At least that's a really good song. Tellmecanyoufeelit? Tellmecanyoufeelit? Tellmecanyou feel it?

In the Hopes of Stopping the Afore-mentioned Flashback: Here's a little bit of writing humor. I might just frame that sucker and keep it over my desk for when those rejection letters start coming in. :)

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