Tuesday, August 05, 2003

Quick Blogging Advisory

Well, for one thing, my template for posting looks one way on the work computer and another way on the home computer. I like the home way better, but I have no idea why Bblogger is doing this to me. Mysteries of technology. The real reason for this post is that I've just noticed a potential problem with my comments. For today's first entry, I see an indication that I have one comment. But there are none when I click on it. For the July 29 list of guilty pleasures entry, I see an indication that I have four comments, but there are only three there (Mark's, mine, and Kane's). If you are the missing commentator, let me know. Hmmm...but I guess you'll have to email me to let me know since I won't be able to see your comments. I do have a link to my email in the left margin, near the bottom. And if it's just a random technological SNAFU, then I'm happy to add that to the Blogger issue mentioned above.

And I still have more to blog about the past five days. Nearly caught up.

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