Monday, April 21, 2003

Again with the wierd dizziness and mushy brain business. I've got an appointment this afternoon, but I'm not hopeful the doc is going to tell me anything useful. This will be the fifth or sixth doc I've seen in nearly as many years about my odd dizziness. The only time it ever did any good was when they found out I had anemia, which solved the worst of the dizziness for a few months, but then it came back. And my iron levels haven't dropped since. I've been told that it's because my inner ear canals are really twisted that I'm dizzy. One guy told me that it's because I'm blonde and fair-skinned (he said this caused my pupils to be really dillated a lot). Another doc did a CAT scan and told me everything was perfectly fine - and he couldn't find any evidence of the three sinus infections I had had in the nine months before said scan. So forgive me if I'm skeptical of this appointment. I wouldn't have made it, but enough friends have expressed concern that I'll go to make them feel better if nothing else. And who knows? I've yet to try a Colorado doc with this business. Maybe they know something here that the ones in Arizona and Indiana didn't.

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