Monday, April 14, 2003

Yesterday was AWESOME! I took the energy from my blog entry to map out and outline the remaining three chapters of Part 2. The ideas just flowed. Then I took a break and did the domestic thing (went grocery shopping with Mark, made dinner, etc). I went back to writing at 8:30 last night and kept going until 11:30, stopping only to sort out the motivations behind a tricky bit of dialogue. I wrote the first of the three chapters - took about 2000 words. 2000 words in about 3 hours is nice.

But then I was so wound up by the experience. I couldn't even think about falling asleep. So I let my brain spin for a while. I came up with yet another story idea (although this one is very vague and inspiration came in the form of two lines of dialogue), which I wrote down in the dark on a yellow post-it pad I keep in my nightstand drawer. And then my brain started feeding me ideas about Part 3 of Human Dignity. Which is great. I've been focusing on Part 2, trying not to get worried that I had only the vaguest sense of what was going to happen in Part 3. And now I've at least got a starting point. I really could conceivably finish this before the end of May. I'm so excited.

I'm on-track with my schedule for today. I finished a crit and will finish this entry with time to spare for some work that's cropped up. Then I'll have the afternoon to research my romance trilogy idea and do some worldbuilding for my fantasy trilogy. It's so nice to finally be past the writing hump that dominated February and March. Look out world! Kellie's back! :)

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