Wednesday, April 16, 2003

Part 3 Cometh

I finally got some solid ideas for Part 3. It's still kicking around in my mind a little, but I think this will work. It might be a bit more sad than I had originally intended, but the original concept for the book stemmed from a very scary thought and worry about the future. So I suppose it's appropriate. I'm just happy to have something written down and planned for the thing. I might even be able to push through a chapter or two of it by Sunday. Today I should be able to write Chapter 16, tomorrow Chapter 17, and then the first chapter or two of Part 3 on Saturday. Since Sunday is Easter and we're going to my uncle's for a big dinner, I don't think I'll get any writing done that day. I'll try, though. It's so exciting to think that I might have a completed draft of Human Dignity in as little as two weeks. And then it's all about the editing. And submitting. And facing rejections. And trying again. And again. And starting new projects.

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