Monday, April 28, 2003

A Case of the Mondays

OK, I haven't had a Monday this bad in a while. My back is nothing more than a mesh of twisted, knotted muscles. I've got a dull headache that's sort of hanging around, just being annoying. And the dizziness is making itself known a bit more than usual. All I want to do is soak in a nice hot bath and go back to bed. And then curl up with a mug of tea and play with words. Days like today, I really wish money grew on trees.

So I didn't write anything for Human Dignity yesterday. But I did write about 1300 worldbuilding words (what I was supposed to do Friday). And I really enjoyed it. I finished the creation story and moved on to the government and societal impacts of the governing. I really like where this is going. The ideas came pretty easily, too. I hope my muse is as kind to me when I start trying to describe the culture and regions of the world.

Speaking of my muse, she sure is an odd bird. She gave me a fantastic idea of Part 3, something to wrap up my theme and give Aidan something to do. But she was incredibly tight-lipped about how to get this plotline going in Chapter 3. Hence I didn't even try to write Chapter 3 yesterday. I had absolutely no ideas for it. Nothing. So I did the worldbuilding instead. So the day wasn't a total crapshoot. And I've got stuff to keep me busy today, so we'll see if Muse will be kind and send a bit of inspiration to me for tomorrow (which will hopefully be better than today).

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