Tuesday, April 15, 2003

Odd Dreams

I had two nightmares early this morning in between alarms. They were so short and fragmented and, well, wierd, that I really don't know what they were about. Ghosts? Aliens? Not sure. But it featured Gwen Stefani being attacked by strange invisible creatures (this is what I get for going through some old CDs this weekend). And then later Britany Murphy leaning over me in bed telling her friend wearing a green hooded sweatshirt that I'll do just fine. Then they both walked through our wall. Both these little dream segments had me clutching Mark. I feel exhausted and just upset in general. I hate it when you can't shake off an odd dream. I've already written 1,034 words today (that was a shock...I thought I had written 700 at most), so the day has been successful. I think I'm going to stop writing for a bit and see if I can shake this ickiness.

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