Saturday, April 12, 2003

OK, so I'm going to use the blog as a means of getting the writing juices flowing on Saturdays and Sundays. Instead of going cold into my novel. I think that will help me enjoy the writing more and make it "easier." I wanted to start this new thing this morning, but it was such a nice day and Mark had to go into the lab. So I packed up the laptop, we went for a nice walk near campus and then went to his lab. And I did a little worldbuilding before we went off for lunch. And then wrote about 725 words in Human Dignity afterwards. Would've been more, but I was in a more open area next to Mark's lab and PJ kept wandering by and chatting with me. Note to self: working in the library not a bad idea. But the laptop isn't used for on-line stuff at all, so I couldn't connect and do a Start the Day Write entry.

Last night's Girl's Night In with Linda was nice. We had a nice long chat that helped me out and helped her (I hope). It's gone a long way toward helping me deal with some of the issues in my Slowly Going Crazy entry. It also got me thinking a little more about my teaching experience. Which I'm saving for my blog entry tomorrow. And my lunch with Juanece was nice, too, although the food sat a little heavy in my tummy. So things are looking up.

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