Tuesday, May 27, 2003

Away Again

This will be my last post until Sunday, most likely. I'm going to be pretty busy today trying to get everything ready for my vacation. I'm so excited, even if it does seem like the world is just swirling around me in a frenzy! Didn't do any writing yesterday. I just got caught up in all the insanity of this week and allowed myself to get upset about the MRI again and how it's preventing me from being there right when Brad arrives. So Mark and I went to see "Bruce Almighty" to cheer me up. Funny movie. Not the pee your pants funny I was hoping for, but still enough to shake away the bad vibes. Let's hope they stay gone.

I've never been to California before. I'm really looking forward to that as well as seeing my brother. And I get to spend more time with Brad's fiancee and maybe get to know more about her than her name! :)

And I did get the price SNAFU fixed with Frontier. Still can't believe that I didn't notice it right away. Good thing Mark was paying attention.

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