Thursday, May 15, 2003

Simple Minds...

My colleagues and I spent an hour two entertaining ourselves with one of those big foam hands you see at sporting events. Some kind person had left it in our area overnight. The wierd thing was that it advertised a competing software company. But we went a little crazy using this thing as a prop (did I mention it was a slow day?). My favorite was, while using the foam hand to shake hands, say, "Hi, I'm your proctologist." But my manager's rendition of the Saturday Night Fever pose with the foam hand was a very close second.

Anyway, I did get quite a bit of writing done today. About 1500 words. And Aidan and Teresa finally had their love scene. Chapter 5 turned out to be like 20 pages. I'm worried that the hearing business didn't turn out right. I'll have to see what I think on the reread.

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