Friday, May 02, 2003

Silly Me

Just realized that I've been saying 1000k words, when I really mean 1k words or 1000 words. I guess that's a throwback to my days of cutting and pasting DNA. We would always talk in terms of "kilobasepairs" and that would get abbreviated to kb. But often, just getting used to using "kb," we'd often scribble notes that said 1000kb when we really meant 1000bp. Memories. I better fix that. I don't want you guys to think I have the ability to write a million words in a day. But wouldn't that be nice? I did manage to write about 1100 words yesterday. Before the dizziness became unbearable and I had to take a dramamine. I was out cold by 8PM and slept until 6AM (I woke up when Mark crawled into bed at 1AM, but went right back to sleep). My Monday PT appointment won't come soon enough.

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