Wednesday, May 14, 2003

Back in the Saddle Again

OK, so I can send my missing check in for the writing contest without a problem. That takes a load off my mind. I still can't believe I did that. And I finished Chapter 4 yesterday and made some good progress into Chapter 5 (for a total of 1200 words). Writing the synopsis forced me to come up with an idea for Mike in the end. And I just threw it together figuring it would be a minor mention in the last chapter or something. But inspiration struck (gotta love the screwy Muse) and I realized that I can really work Mike's ending in earlier and make it believable and strengthen the rest of the story. Always good. So I'll continue with Chapter 5 today. The challenge in this chapter will be to prevent Aidan and Teresa from turning this book into a smutty romance (nothing against romance, I plan to write some myself; but these two have no intention of making things tasteful). I have been making them resist their urges to get it on for three weeks book time. The timing is right for them in this chapter, and I'm wondering if they'll even let me write the scene the way I want to. As for the other issue I mentioned yesterday (the mammals are animals business), the poster I think just wanted to say something about evolution and his reply to my post happened to be the opening he sought. And he even complimented my debating skills, but it's still just a wierd thing.

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