Tuesday, May 20, 2003


So even though yesterday didn't go so well, things are good. I suppose it's a good thing that I didn't do the MRI last night. Because then I would've heard the results by Friday. If they were bad, I wouldn't have been very good company for Beth's wedding this weekend. So now I'll be able to truly enjoy myself in Atlanta this weekend, and be happy for Beth and Tim.

Also, we've been getting more news about my brother's return, and it seems to be sooner rather than later. It's possible that my brother will be assigned to the troops that will escort their equipment home via ship, which would delay his return but also give us more time to prepare for his arrival. But right now, we're all starting to plan on his coming home within the next couple of weeks. We're arranging for rides or flights and hotel rooms, etc. And I think tonight I'll start making a big sign to wave around and really embarrass him when he gets off the plane. *VEG* Something using my "Baby Bro" nickname for him that he's never been overly fond of. :) And this flurry of email planning within my family as allowed me to start communicating with Brad's fiancee. So that's been nice.

And for my last positive, the Director's Workshop was great. Not only did I realize exactly why I often get frustrated with my chorus, but I also found out that the other key players in the chorus feel the same way and want to do something about it. And I was told by the directors of two very successful choruses that I have a lot of tenor (bright) quality to my lead (melody) voice. Nice to make that ego swell. Especially when it comes to my voice, something which was a bit trampled in my college singing experience.

So I may be a dizzy blonde with a lot of worrying now, but life is still good.

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