Saturday, May 31, 2003


So I got back a day early. My brother left for Phoenix yesterday so he could get all his stuff from Mom's (including his car), so I certainly had nothing keeping me in San Diego until today. So I hopped on an afternoon flight yesterday to get back home. The real truth is, I didn't want to be away from Mark any longer. In less than two weeks, we spent five days apart between my trip to San Diego and the Director's Workshop. And it really took it's toll on me. Him and Addy, too. :) Nosey was perfect as punch, though, having got rid of her competition (me) for so many days. She's been trying the tactic of showering me with affection recently. I'll bet she figures that she can lure me into a fall sense of security and then off me. Well, we'll just see about that.

I was going to finish my book today, but I'm exhausted. The last two weeks have been insane, and I think my bod's just realized that I can take a rest now. That, and all the dramamine and adavant in my system the last week can't be helping anything. This blog is usually a barometer for my writing, and seeing as how I can't even work up the energy to post about my trip to San Diego or even the MRI speaks volumes. So tomorrow will be the big day. I'm going to focus my energy (the little of it I have) today on just chilling, maybe catching "Finding Nemo" and relaxing.

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