Sunday, June 01, 2003

Always Two More Chapters

Ok, I've been sitting around for the past week or so, thinking I only had two more chapters left to write and then Part 3 would be finis. Not quite. I just wrote two chapters today and discovered that I still have two more yet to go. But that's good. I needed the two chapters I wrote today to prep the climax a bit more. And seeing as how that this is the climax of the entire book, I guess more stuff preparing you for it doesn't hurt. So I wrote 2300 words today and may have a few more thousand in me depending on whether or not dinner recharges me. And whether or not I can forget about what I still have to do to prep for my little directing stint at tomorrow's rehearsal.

Still not in the mood to start thinking too deeply on everything that's happened this past two weeks. I think my brain's still digesting everything. Maybe later this week (which is turning out to be just as hectic as last week, it seems). One thing I do know for sure: if I don't finish Part 3 tonight, I'll definitely have it done by Tuesday.

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