Wednesday, June 11, 2003

Feast or Famine

Isn't that the truth of it? You have either too much or too little of a good thing, never just the right amount. Usually I appreciate the famine days at work, that gives me more time to write. But sometimes the sheer tediousness of sitting at a desk waiting for something to happen while you throw your brain at a WIP is just too much. So along comes a day like today. When I'm dying to immerse myself in the very last bit of Human Dignity. And today is most certainly a feast day. One of my managers is having a big party right now to celebrate being with IBM for 25 years. And of course the task of planning said party fell on my shoulders. So I've been trying to make sure everything was set for that and add a few personal touches to the whole affair (got a corsage for his wife, got a card for the secretaries he's worked with quite a bit to sign, got some balloons to decorate his office, etc). And it's been hectic, but a good hectic. My manager is a nice guy, and it's nice to do special things for nice people. And my othre manager had to deal with an on-going Issue today, requiring me to reschedule all of his meetings, requiring me to find conference rooms for the new times. Finding a free conference room at IBM Boulder is like trying to make certain individuals find certain orafices on their personages with two hands and a flashlight. It's not easy.

But the day is almost done. I've got a nice bowl of homemade guacamole sitting in the fridge for me when I get home. And I have a good chunk of time before PJ and Mark show up for the usual Wednesday Couch Potato Session, so I may just get to finish this WIP then. Wouldn't that be nice.

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