Friday, June 06, 2003

And Yet Another Round of Excuses

The top one this time is that this weekend is a Monthly Marathon at Forward Motion, and I can use that to push me into finishing Human Dignity. The others are the same as Wednesday. Last night was a real downer at home because Nosey was running a bit of a temperature when we picked her up from the vet and we were told to monitor her temp four times a day. Nosey will not let us take her temperature. She very nearly bit Mark escaping our last try (as she scampered away with the thermometer still, um, inserted). We think we managed to get her temp with that little escapade, and her temp is lower than what the vets were concerned about. But we're not quite sure that was her actual temp. She's behaving very normal, as is Addy. Their paws are still swollen and they are clumsy with them, but they're starting to spend time out from under the beds. Still I was really worried last night that Nosey would be very sick and we couldn't tell because we couldn't handle her in such a way as to get her temp.

But I'm really excited and certain that I'll finish this darn first book this weekend (well, the first draft of it, at any rate). And then I can start revising it. And I've been looking forward to that for a long time. I've got some great ideas for the problem areas I'm already fully aware exist, and I'm getting better at finding the rest on my own. I'm really hoping I can revise this thing by July, but I think it'll be much more conspicuous to work on that at work than it was to write at work. I'll have to play around with some options.

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