Saturday, June 21, 2003

You Know You're a Science Geek When...

So I've written 2,358 words today. And I think I've got some more in me, especially since this next chapter will be back in RufusCam. :) And I reminded myself of my geekiness when I decided to research the differences between smoker's lung cancer and non-smoker's lung cancer. And I of course managed to dilute that and work it into my novel. I'm afraid I've gone straight into the science too much in Chapter 2, so I might have to fiddle with the order a little bit and start off this chapter with Kris remembering (or trying not to remember) her tryst with her boss. Right now that comes later in the chapter and is likely buried in the science. Not good for a romantic suspense, althought the science is part of the suspense, so it is kind of vital. I can sense this being a problematic balancing act.

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