Friday, June 20, 2003

Yes! Yippee! Yahooooo!

Wrote 1260 words today in Red Rocks, my second book. Not sure if I like the title, but it sure beats "romantic suspense" for now. And those words constitute the first chapter. Already my baddie's henchman is trying to take on a life of his own and be a bigger character than I had intended. I suppose basing him on the yummy actor Rufus Sewell wasn't the best idea if I wanted this guy to be minor. This is going to be fun.

I can almost see myself dancing down the writing path now. As I neared the finish of Human Dignity, I was so apprehensive about taking the next step. I was so worried that I would try to start another book and realize how wrong writing was for me. Or, worse, that I only had one book in me. But this new book has sucked me in just like HD. It's an amazing feeling. Everything about doing this just feels so right! I feel like I'm skipping down the writing path, hand in hand with my muse. And it's sunny, and the sky is an amazing shade of blue, and the trees are catching the light in their leaves, and I'm wearing a beautiful dress, and "Ode to Joy" is ringing gloriously through the air.

And have I mentioned my tendancy to be a little too dramatic? :)

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