Monday, June 16, 2003


Just checked out The Language Construction Kit that Sheila linked to a while back. Oi. I read through the info on Sounds and Alphabets. Nifty stuff and the author indicates some tricks to help you create your own language, but.... Oi. My head hurts and all that on-line reading has pissed off my equilibrium, so I'm dizzy to boot. And this is without complicating things with grammar yet. Oofta. And I decided my fantasy world requires two conlangs. One for the Mayj (it's going to be very lyrical and such because their magic is in music), and then an "old tongue" or somesuch that makes it clear that they aren't speaking English really. So as soon as my head stops spinning, I'll take another look at creating the sounds of the Mayj language. I figure that will be the easier since I'm going to base it on the pleasant sounds of singing, with rare harsh sounds to be used when doing more serious/defensive magic (since there's no war in this world, that's a very small category).

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