Wednesday, June 18, 2003

Yipes! It's Only Wednesday???

OK, that wasn't a freak coincidence. This week of blogging, I've just decided, is brought to you by the letter "Y". But don't get to used to it. I doubt this will become a regular thing. Moving on...

Much craziness at work today. Big Issues rearing their ugly heads. I'm so tired, and I'm going to be swamped for the rest of the week. Wish it were Friday. I could use a weekend right about now. I didn't go to writing group last night (again) because I was just so exhausted. As I was trying to fall asleep before 8 last night, I realized that the exhaustion may be a warning sign of depression (post-partum depression if you are of the opinion that your books are your babies, an opinion that a year of critiques has gradually worn away), so I forced myself out of bed and took care of a few big cleaning/organizing messes involving tossing lots and lots of old papers. I also balanced the checkbook and did a couple other things. It felt good. Nice to be moving. And then I set an extra alarm to get up early enough to work out and eat breakfast, maybe browse through the paper (instead of just rolling out of bed, throwing on clothes and make-up and wandering out the door). I was all set to get back into an exercise routine. Until I woke up at midnight, feeling like I was suffocating. Couldn't fall back asleep until 2. And now I'm just wasted.

I had hoped to start the romance book (really need to name it) today, and I still might, depending on how I feel after I get the oil changed and finally get home. But work prevented me from doing anything more than some outlining for it. Which was still very helpful. I've got characters springing to life and scenes forming. Looking forward to starting this.

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