Friday, June 13, 2003

All Bets are Off

That's it. You've had your chance. You've been reading how I'm so close to finishing. I've said so many times that I will be done by X date. But now the bookie is closed. You can't place your bets about whether or not I'm really going to finish when I saw I'm going to finish. Why now? Because Sunday is my birthday and my gift to myself is to be done by my birthday. I will not turn away from my computer (well, unless I need a potty break, or food, or to stretch, or... :)) until Human Dignity is done. Finito. End of story. That's all she wrote. A done deal. No watching of the Discovery Channel. No reading other people's finished books. No posting online about various and sundry topics including but not limited to how many Hail Marys a writing prostitute would be required to say by a confessor. Yes, fun things have been happening today in Bulletin Board Land. :)

But you've had your chance. Now you have to tear up your betting slips and wait for the next WIP race.

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