Thursday, May 01, 2003

More "Not Sure" on the Date

Just got another email about my brother's batallion. Still sounds like he'll be heading home at some point this month, whether by boat or plane is unknown. The good news is that he's now in southern Iraq at large base type operation where he gets to shower for maybe the first time since he left Kuwait. They also get outhouses for the first time since heading into Iraq. Oh, and hot meals, too. And he's finally been getting all his mail. And now he has access to a very pathetic exchange (think 7-11 with no more slushie stuff left and only days old hot dogs :)). And a phone (I hope he is able to call Christina soon). I hate to think of how thin my brother's got to be right now.

I did write yesterday. Got about 1100 words in Chapter 3. I don't know if I like the direction I'm teasing the plot into, or if it's just a matter of not being please with the writing. I'll keep chugging and see what it looks like on the rewrite (which I would love to start next week, if at all possible). This weekend is another marathon at FM. It would be nice if I could go crazy and finish most of Part 3 this weekend.

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