Monday, May 26, 2003

Listening to:

"The Matrix Reloaded" Soundtrack. Think whatever you want about the movie, but ya gotta admit that the soundtrack kicks some serious ass. Even the Marilyn Manson song (and, trust me, I never thought I would have anything positive to say about that guy). I highly recommend both Matrix soundtracks if you're looking for inspiration for gritty, hard-edged characters and that's just not your background (guilty).

Speaking of writing, I promised my father-in-law that I would finish those last two chapters of Human Dignity today. But that might not happen. There's just so much I have to do to prepare for my trip to San Diego. I know I want to do one of those outlines I did for the climax of Part 2, and I'm hoping to maybe write one of the two chapters today. And then there's always down time on the plane and next weekend. Yes, this will be done by June 1. And it would be great if my Muse stopped by and told me how to bilocate today so I could get the writing done and take care of running around town at the same time. Muse, you hear that? Get busy!

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