Monday, July 28, 2003

For a Good Laugh

OK, the past two Sundays, a couple of people I care about have dropped some serious bombshells on me (Vegas was even worse than I had realized, and someone else did very stupid things in Tijauna). Both bombshells involved alcohol in ridiculous amounts. And I feel trapped. I want to do something but there's nothing I really can do. The first incident has resolved itself of a fashion, but was the culmination of years of tension that could've (and should have) been addressed a long time ago. The second incident is what's really tearing me to pieces. And I don't know what to do besides express concern and support while being given tickets to see someone dancing very close to the "Life Self-Destruct" button.

So I need a laugh. And Dave Barry has graciously given me one via his blog. Seems the folks at finally caught on to the Freemont gag. Personally, I'm dying to get my hands on "a set of kiln-dried edible silverplated thimbles in a snake-like carrying case". I mean, wow! They're edible! Can't get better than that. But they sure try with that snake-like carrying case. What a find.

Now I will laugh and hope that laughter doesn't turn into tears and curl me into a ball.

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