Tuesday, July 29, 2003

Guilty Pleasures

A while back, Kane posted a list of things he constantly craves. Well, over the weekend, I was thinking about that list and started thinking of the stuff that I craved. And it turned out to be a list of guilty pleasures.

Fried egg on toast with cheese & ketchup (is that just something from my family?)
Nugatringe (chocolate concoction only found it in a small village in Germany)
Gummi Smurfs
Gyros (with real lamb meat, not that processed shit)
Fritos & Cheetos (my arteries already hate this list)
Silky Unmentionables
Playing Dress-up (with my own clothes, not my mother's)
Cheesy romantic comedies
Disney animated films (but not those lame sequels)
Anthropomorphic animals (two words: Geico Squirrels)
Anything chocolate (unless it also involves the words "covered *any insect*")
Clipping coupons
Hunting for sales
Saving over 50% on a purchase (see a pattern?)
Cleaning (unless it requires the amputation of my right arm)
Laundry (all about bringing order to chaos, baby)
Soup in the summertime

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