Wednesday, March 12, 2003

Another day of reading and not writing. I stayed up late last night to finish the second in the series and am blowing through the third one. Sometimes I just hate it when a story consumes me like this. Nothing gets done. Well, that's not true. Getting something big done today. Mark and I decided to buy a laptop (on a convenient monthly plan, of course). This means my writing can go mobile. Which will be espeicially helpful given all the flights we have to take this summer and our move to Longmont. It'll be easier for Mark to go into the lab on a Saturday with the car if I can go with him and burrow myself in the library with my writing. Or run errands and then burrow myself in the library. Plus he'll have something he can bring to work to help his own writing for papers and thesis stuff. This means I'll also be able to bring my writing with me to competition and get some work done there, too. Every minute helps. Well, every minute after I've finished the StarDoc novels. Damn you, Sheila. :)

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