Thursday, March 06, 2003

Blogger's been having issues today and yesterday. So I'm not sure if this will actually make it to my blog.

Mark and I have now beat two video games in two days. I killed the last boss on Ratchet and Clank Tuesday (and the boss was supremely easy with this insane weapon we spent hours earning enough money to buy) and Mark beat the last world on Jak and Daxter last night. Both games have more things we can do in order to unlock more cutscenes and maybe previews for upcoming sequels and such. But I'm just impressed at our video game prowess.

And I do have my disk with me today, and I have an idea of what Denise and Josie need to chat about, but I've got a bit of chorus business to take care of. So I may not have time to write at work. Maybe at home tonight.

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