Tuesday, March 04, 2003

Kellie the Ruthless Fairhair: Well, that's a mesh of the two viking names I was given this morning. Kellie Fairhair and Kellie the Ruthless. I like the combination of the two. It might not be truly a viking name anymore, but it works for me!

Chorus rehearsal was great last night! Sharon was back, we had a guest director, everyone paid attention and focused. It was so nice to have a good night. I'm actually looking forward to competition now. And it encourages me for afterwards, too. But I still need to chat with Sharon and Edie about my directing responsibilities. I think I either need to cut back or just get more regular "lessons" from Sharon or Edie. At any rate, what's happening with directing now is not working.

Random Link of the Day: While researching cat declawing procedures, I came across a site that finally outlined all the procedures available and the pros & cons. All in a fairly objective manner. I was impressed.

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