Thursday, March 13, 2003

Great news: Mark's boss asked him to present at a meeting in August at Cold Spring Harbor. This is a really big deal for molecular biology. A very good place for Mark to start making a path for his career. Looks good on a resume. All that jazz. I'm so excited for him. And it's nice to know that his boss hasn't been blind to the slave labor he's been getting out of my husband for the past year especially. I'd love to go with him to experience that, but I might not be able to. Right about the time of the meeting, we'll be recovering from our summer of travels AND finishing all that unpacking from the move. We'll see.

In other news, we did officially buy a laptop last night. But they didn't have anymore in stock, so it's being shipped to us. Should arrive Monday or Tuesday. We got a really amazing warranty to go with it. Granted, we did have to spend the money we would have received from the mail-in rebates to do it, but it was worth it. I get free checkups whenever I want them for 3 years. And they fix anything free of charge. Including replacing batteries (which cost the same as what we paid for the warranty). Very cool. We can't wait to start playing with our new toy. It's a good thing I'm really getting the hang of monthly budgeting, too. That'll help me and Mark pay this thing off quick.

And I've still got two more books in the StarDoc series to plow through, but I only have one of them. And I'm starting to get detached enough from it that I can actually get back to my own writing. That, and I finished the book I brought with me to work and I don't have the next one. So it's either write or twiddle my thumbs until quitting time. Gee, tough choice.

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