Monday, March 03, 2003

Great weekend! I didn't go to rehearsal, I didn't write. I just sat on my butt and did whatever came into my head to do (well, mostly). I lounged around in a robe, I played video games, I cleaned up the house, I started picking things up for our new place. It was great. I feel very much refreshed and ready to deal with writing and singing again. Well, at least ready to deal with singing until the end of the month. I'll think about after competition later - namely, after competition!

And congrats to my brother-in-law John for defending his title in Buffalo's City Hall race. This is a competition dedicated to timing how fast a person can go tearing up God knows how many flights of stairs. Mark tells me that John's set his sites on a similar race - set in the Empire State Building!!!!! Well, all I have to say is, "Better him than me!" Congrats, John!

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